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My name is Ardiatami and this time I want to let you know where I went, and what I did last weekend. Yap! I was attending 'Amazara Indonesia Open House' because they're moving to a new space! a cute, cozy, and passionate space to be exact. Now, let's checkout what happened during the event!

The event was held from the morning up until night, open for customers and partners to choose when to come. I came at 4 p.m. and I met my fellow bloggers, social media people, and influencers. Here we can do anything we want, it was a total creative, mingle, reunion and networking night.

Things happened when bloggers catch up and sit together.

We actually had a good time, and of course had a lot of good photo time with anyone or every single piece of cuties that can not be left out. Here's the girls and I with the first lady of Amazara, mba Uma Hapsari herself (left to right: Nia from www.deniathly.com, Amel from www.widriani.web.id, Mba Uma, Aubrey, and me). It was nice to finally meeting you and absorbs positive and passionate energy from you mba Uma!

I also met a whole lot more inspiring people. Making new friends and creating a great network.

Thankyou so much Amazara Indonesia, Amazara Squad, mba Uma and family, for having me in your new office! It was such a good time and place you made for all of us, and it's great to see how the team working together. I wish Amazara will grow even bigger, spread even wider, and be the best Indonesian shoe label!
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